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Friday, 24. May 2024

We.1.A - Modelling and Theory

We.1.A.1 Acoustic Emission Signals versus Propagation Direction for Hybrid Composite Layup with Large Stiffness Differences
versus Direction

M.A. Hamstad1, M.G.R. Sause2
1: University of Denver, USA
2: Universität Augsburg, Germany
We.1.A.2 Modelling of Crack Growth Based Acoustic Emission Release in Aluminum Alloys
M.G.R. Sause1
1: Universität Augsburg, Germany
We.1.A.3 Phase Analysis of Lamb Waves by AP-Wavelet Transform
T. Oshima1, Y. Mizutani1, A. Todoroki1, Y. Suzuki1
1: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
We.1.A.4 Finite Element Modeling of Acoustic Emission Signal Propagation with Various Shaped Waveguides
A.M. Zelenyak1, M.A. Hamstad2, M.G.R. Sause1
1: Universität Augsburg, Germany
2: University of Denver, USA