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Friday, 24. May 2024

We.2.A - Localisation and Tomography

We.2.A.1 Estimation of Acoustic Emission Source Locations in Concrete Using 3-D Tomography Data
L. Linzer1, L. Mhamdi2, T. Schumacher2
1: MeerCAT Geophysics, Johannesburg, South Africa
2: University of Delaware, Newark, USA
without Manuscript
We.2.A.2 System Identification for Three-dimensional AE-Tomography with Kalman Filter
Y. Kobayashi1, T. Shiotani2, K. Oda1
1: Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan
2: Kyoto University, Japan
We.2.A.3 Localization of Initial Cracks in Laminated Glass Using Acoustic Emission Analysis – Part I
G. Manthei1, C. Alter1, S. Kolling1
1: THM, Gießen, Germany
We.2.A.4 Wavelet Based Approach to Acoustic Emission Phase Picking
E. Pomponi1, A. Vinogradov1
1: Togliatti State University, Russia