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Friday, 24. May 2024

Fr.1.A - Standardisation and Basics

Fr.1.A.1 Standard Procedure for Acoustic Emission Examination of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Structures under Controlled Loading
B. Muravin1, G. Muravin1
1: Integrity Diagnostics, Netanya, Israel
Fr.1.A.2 Basics for AT and AE Monitoring of a Cowper
G. Schauritsch1, P. Tscheliesnig1
1: TÜV AUSTRIA SERVICES, Vienna, Austria
Fr.1.A.3 The Use of Acoustic Emission Method in the Modern Construction
A. Sagaidak1, V. Bardakov2, S. Elizarov2, D. Terentyev2
1: JSC SIC Construction, Moscow, Russia
2: INTERUNIS, Moscow, Russia
Fr.1.A.4 Localization of Acoustic Emission Sources in Geometrically Sparse Structures
Z. Prevorovsky1, M. Chlada1
1: Inst. of Thermomechanics, Prague, Czech Republic
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