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Friday, 24. May 2024

Fr.3.B - Localisation of Defects

Fr.3.B.1 Localization of Acoustic Emission Sources in Fiber Composites Using Artificial Neural Networks
S. Kalafat1, M.G.R. Sause1
1: Universität Augsburg, Germany
Fr.3.B.2 Acoustic Emission Source Identification in Pipes Using Finite Element Analysis
C.J. Abolle-Okoyeagu1, J. Palacio Torralba1, Y. Chen1, B. Reuben1
1: Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK
Fr.3.B.3 Comparison of Approximate and Simple Location Methods for AE-Sources on Dished Heads
T. Thenikl1, H. Vallen1
1: Vallen Systeme, Icking, Germany
Fr.3.B.4 Acoustic Emission Source Localisation in Thin Plates through a Dispersion Removal Approach
K. Grabowski1, M. Gawronski1, W.J. Staszewski1, T. Uhl1, I. Baran2, W. Spychalski3, P. Packo1
1: AGH University, Cracow, Poland
2: Cracow University of Technology, Poland
3: Warsaw University of Technology, Poland