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Friday, 24. May 2024

We.3.B - Signal Detection and Processing I

We.3.B.1 A Novel Wavelet b-Value of Acoustic Emissions to Evaluate Local Damage in RC Frames Subjected to Earthquakes
F.A. Sagasta1, M.E. Zitto2, R. Piotrkowski2,3, A. Gallego1, A. Benavent-Climent4
1: University of Granada, Spain
2: University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
3: University of San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina
4: Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain
We.3.B.2 Real-Time Acoustic Emission Event Detection with Data Evaluation for Supporting Material Research
G. Manhertz1, G. Csicso2, G. Gardonyi1, G. Por2
1: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
2: College of Dunaujvaros, Hungary
We.3.B.3 Application of X22-Correlation to Some Types of Acoustic Emission Signals
F. Rauscher1
1: TU Wien, Austria
We.3.B.4 Nonthreshold Acoustic Emission Data Registration Principles
S. Elizarov1, V. Barat1, A. Shimansky1
1: INTERUNIS, Moscow, Russia