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Friday, 24. May 2024

Th.1.A - Various

Th.1.A.1 Damaged Mechanism Detection in CFRP Structures and Their Effect on the Felicity Ratio
C. Rowland1
1: Pancom, Huntingdon, UK
without Manuscript
Th.1.A.2 Estimation of Viscoelastic Properties by Lamb Wave Analysis
Y. Mizutani1, K. Suenaga1, A. Todoroki1, Y. Suzuki1
1: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Th.1.A.3 Detecting Acoustic Events during Thermal and Mechanical Loading
G. Por1, P. Bereczki1, Z. Danka1, P. Trampus1
1: College of Dunaujvaros, Hungary
Th.1.A.4 New Assessment Tool for AT-Fieldtest and Monitoring
M. Löhr1
1: MISTRAS Group (formerly: Physical Acoustics), Hamburg, Germany
Abstract with Powerpoint