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Friday, 24. May 2024

Th.2.B - Signal Detection and Processing II

Th.2.B.1 Real-time Algorithm to Classify AE Events of Lamb Waves in CFRP
A. Gallego1, J. Martinez-Jequier2, E. Suárez1, F.J. Juanes3, A. Valea3
1: University of Granada, Spain
2: NDT Ingenieros, Madrid, Spain
3: University of Basque Country, Bilbao, Spain
Th.2.B.2 A Parameter Correction Technique (PCT) for Acoustic Emission Characterisation in Large-Scale Composites
S.K. Al-Jumaili1, M. Eaton2, K. Holford2, R. Pullin2
1: Cardiff Univ., UK and Univ. of Basrah, Iraq
2: Cardiff University, UK
Th.2.B.3 Automated Corrected MAR Calculation for Characterisation of AE Signals
J. McCrory1, S.K. Al-Jumaili2, M. Pearson1, M. Eaton1, K. Holford1, R. Pullin1
1: Cardiff University, UK
2: Cardiff Univ., UK and Univ. of Basrah, Iraq
Th.2.B.4 How to Analyze AE Sources in Complex Structures More Precisely
M. Chlada1, Z. Dvorakova1, J. Kober1, J. Krofta1, Z. Prevorovsky1
1: Inst. of Thermomechanics, Prague, Czech Republic
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